Video poker bonuses

Most online casinos offer their customers various bonuses to encourage them to play. These bonuses can be obtained either by registering, or by making your first deposit to your casino account. The bonus amount must typically be wagered a specific number of times before it can be withdrawn as real money. Very few online casinos offer a specific video poker bonus.

Bonus video poker

To welcome new players with a bonus amount is a typical tactic used by today’s online casinos. This type of bonus is sometimes called a ‘no deposit bonus’, and the only thing a player needs to do to receive the bonus is to register as a member. Sometimes you may need to enter a bonus code when you sign up in order to get access your bonus.

The welcome bonus you get for choosing to register with the gaming company can be used to play casino games offered at the site. Before you can withdraw the bonus as real money, you must play through it a number of times. Most commonly, the deposit (and sometimes bonus) amount must be turned over around twenty to fifty times, depending on the game’s rules.

Often sites enforce rather strict rules, so it is important that you have full knowledge of what you need to do for your bonus. For example, it may be illegal to play certain games with bonus money. Video Poker is one such game where playing with your bonus may be banned – or rather betting on video poker does not count towards bonus wagering requirements. You can search to find casinos and bonuses where video poker does count towards wagering requirements. This is due to the often high payout percentage in such games, which can means big chances for the player. For example, the payout percentage with video poker is much higher than with online slots, which usually though count fully towards wagering requirement.

Deposit bonuses

Another variation of a video poker bonus is the so-called ‘deposit bonus’. That means you get a bonus when you deposit money into your account with the online casino. Often the player receives back a certain percentage of their deposit as a bonus. For example, you might be offered a deposit bonus up to £1,000. This means that if a player deposits £1,000 into his casino account. he gets as much as a bonus – that is £1,000. Even if the player deposits more money than £1,000, his bonus may only amount to a maximum of £1,000. Often there is also a minimum deposit amount for the bonus to be paid out. Commonly, this sum is about £20. With deposit bonus of one hundred percent, the bonus would be £20.

For bonuses, in turnover requirements the various games have varying contributions towards wagering requirements.

As mentioned earlier, it is not always permitted that you can play bonus video poker, but sometimes it is allowed. If so, there are usually special rules pertaining to the bonus amount, as play in video poker only counts as a certain percentage. Bet365 have, for example, a bonus wagering requirement of twenty times, but play at video poker counts only five percent of the stake towards play-through requirements.

Game companies’ different casino departments

Many gaming companies have several different types of casino for gambling. This may involve a live casino, a mobile casino or a downloadable casino. Usually a bonus does not apply to all sections, but only a type.

However, it is common that online casinos have offers of bonuses in the several different sections. So if you’re eager to try a new part of the casino, you should see if there are any good deals for new customers.

Rewarding loyalty

Sometimes online casinos have promotions in which players receive a deposit bonus when they fill their account with play money. It usually works the same way as with the deposit bonus. This way, players can get several bonuses during their time as a member of an online casino.

Play with bonus money

To play video poker for bonus money is a great way to practice your play and still have the chance of winning real money.

Bonus money also allows you a bigger bankroll, and you can play more hands if you think it’s an enjoyable game. Above all, the bonus amount can help you to afford to wager the maximum bet, so you have a chance at the top prize payout of video poker.

Game companies’ rules

That said, it is important that you as a player keep an eye on what rules apply for the bonus money you play for. If you do something wrong then win big, you risk having your winnings confiscated.

In the table below you can see which wagering requirements online casinos have for bonus money, and the percentage of the stake that contributes when working through a video poker bonus.Facts about how video poker bonuses work, and how to find the best ones.