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Video Poker Online is your complete guide and information page for those who take an interest in online video poker. Many people make the mistake of thinking that video poker is a type of slot machine, or a dedicated poker game, but that is not actually true. Instead, the game is an opportunity to increase your chances of winning high levels of cash by choosing to discard the right card(s) to form a winning poker hand. Video poker is now one of the most popular online casino games, and with online video poker you can even play as many as one hundred hands simultaneously.

On you will find information about the history of the game, how to play, the different strategies available and reviews of online casinos that we consider to be the most credible and most pleasant to play at. We will also go through the rules for all the different game variations as there are a number from which to choose. Additionally, we will give you tips on bonuses for online video poker, and how you can pay online video poker for free.

The great thing about video poker is that if you play your cards right and play the optimal strategy the return to player in some games is actually over one hundred percent. This means your chances of winning are very good. This also means you can play a little longer and not risk your money as much than with other games with lower payout percentages, such as slots. Most online casinos offer video poker online these days, so it's easy to find somewhere where you can play.

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